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Children's Book "The Mighty 2"

  The Mighty 2 is a poetic tale about the bond between mommy and baby during an emotional journey in the neonatal intensive care unit. It's a triumphant story of love and faith. Purchase in Hardcover on sale for $18.91 or Paperback for $9.30 Amazon LuLu Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million IndieBound

Children's Book "The Mighty 1" (Revision)

  The Mighty 1 is a poetic tale about a brave soul who is tiny but mighty, just like the miracle baby in your life. Every year, millions of babies are born prematurely and many will spend several weeks or months in the neonatal intensive care unit. It's such an emotional journey for families whose lives have changed in an instant. This book was created to bring inspiration and smiles to all of you. It makes a great read for NICU cuddle time, and the perfect keepsake too! Purchase in Hardcover  for $23.05 or Paperback   for $8.95 LuLu Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million IndieBound

COPE (Official Music Video)


New Children's Books

  Ebony Moore is the author and illustrator of picture book series, The Mighty 1 and The Mighty 2. The series is dedicated to miracle babies everywhere, especially her very own tiny but mighty one who was born at just 26 weeks. Ebony created these heartfelt stories to uplift other families with preemies and bring awareness to premature births. Both books are available in hardcover & paperback! Learn more:

Who is Ebony Moore?

Ebony is a believer and dreamer! She's a mama, musician, artist, comedian and writer who aims to uplift through her talents. She is most proud of her only child, a miracle baby boy named David Josiah (DJ). He was born prematurely at 26 weeks weighing only 790 grams. Ebony is the author and illustrator of picture book series, "The Mighty 1" and "The Mighty 2" . She created these heartfelt stories to uplift other families with preemies and bring awareness to premature births. Ebony enjoys bringing joy to others as the feisty but sweet church lady, Mother Tell All , who is soul-winning in gospel comedy. She has been performing stand-up comedy as Mother Tell All since June 2012 and shares videos on social media to spread love and laughter. As a musician, Ebony has released some indie music distributed by Sugo Music Group. With a huge catalog of copyrighted material, she's affiliated with BMI as a songwriter and publisher. Ebony released her first album, entit

My new single "Cope"

  "Cope" is a heartfelt Christian-Pop track about facing loss and despair. It's been an emotional roller coaster in these perilous times with the pandemic and social injustices. I believe "Cope" will offer some sort of comfort to others who are trying to do just that. Available now on all streaming platforms: Merch

Blessings to All!

It's 2021! I would say Happy New Year but it hasn't been so happy for so many. It's a new year but with the same old pandemic and hardship of 2020. Our world is in an uproar and people are feeling it or should I say, not feeling it! Christmas was a blur and sad for so many heartbroken families who've lost loved ones, jobs, homes and almost their sanity. My heart goes out to everyone everywhere. My prayers are with you! May the LORD comfort, strengthen and keep you. Let not your heart be troubled: (John 14:1)  You must keep the faith and not give up! For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) This too shall pass! Blessings to All ❤️